• Why is there a separate website from Zone Ten Studio
  • Is my payment information secure
  • Why is an account already created for me
  • How do I access my personal account
  • Can I change the password on my account
  • What size are the images that I will download
  • Why do I have to approve my photos before downloading them
  • Why can't I have access to my smaller images sizes if I need changes to any photos
  • How do I let you know what changes to make to my unapproved photos
  • Why do I have to go through check out if there is no balance due
  • How do I download my photos
  • Why does access to my downloads expire after 30 days

Why is there a separate website from Zone Ten Studio?

Zone Ten Hosting is the photo hosting website for Zone Ten Studio. This website is where all of our customer invoicing and payment (via PayPal) occur, as well as photo viewing, approval and download. Customer info and order history are conveniently stored at Zone Ten Hosting in a password protected user account. We try to keep our business model simple and lean. This separate website offers us the most flexible, simple to use and cheapest method to host our downloadable photos. This separate website helps to accomplish our goal of keeping costs low for us and our users while maintaining the services that you expect.

Is my payment information secure?

Yes. Upon clicking any payment button on our website you'll be automatically directed to the PayPal website where you'll enter your payment information to complete your purchase by either checking out as a guest or by logging into your PayPal account. No payment details are entered or stored on either of our Zone Ten websites. Payment is made at the PayPal website where no information is stored.

Why is an account already created for me?

Our invoicing system creates and tracks invoices/quotes through these individual client accounts. Sending you an accurate, itemized price quote for your project via the creation of a client account sets in place the first step of our work flow: Client contact > Project Quote > Quote Approval/Payment > Product Shipment > Photography > Photo Upload > Gallery Viewing > Client Approval/Dis-approval > Client Download. From these accounts we can see all account activity in one place. You can manage your account yourself. After logging into your account click the "My Account" tab at the top of our website.

How do I access my personal account?

On your initial quote, on the left side of the page above your itemized pricing information, you'll find your account info. You'll find a link directing you to your account, the email to where your quote was sent (this is your user name) and a temporary password with a prompt to change that password at your convenience. Once you are satisfied with you account credentials you can log into your account from our home page.

Can I change the password on my account?

Yes, your password is a unique, generic password that we use to create your account. You may change your account password at any time. To do this log into your account and select the "My Account" tab and then select "Change Password". Instructions and information regarding your personal account will be included on your price quote.

What size are the images I'll download?

Our full resolution files that you download from your main gallery page are 4000px X 2662px. The files from your sub-galleries are as labeled: 1800px X 1800px and 200px X 200px.

Why do I have to approve my photos before downloading them?

Until final approval Zone Ten Studio maintains legal ownership of your photos. Receiving final approval of your photos lets us know that we've done a good job and also allows us to release full usage rights to you. Approving your photos says that you are satisfied with the quality of the outcome of your project and that you require no changes or re-shoots to your project. Downloading photos is an action that disallows any qualification for changes or re-shoots. We've put in place two checks on photo approval (one upon viewing/adding to shopping cart, another at checkout) to be sure that there is no unintended approval. If your images have been downloaded (thus approved) Zone Ten assumes that those images are useful to you therefore completing our contract for service. Any changes needed to photos that have been downloaded (approved) will be charged as a wholly new project at a new price quote regardless of whether you find those original photos useful or not.

Why can't I have access to my smaller image sizes if I need changes to any photos?

Our guideline requiring full approval of your entire project allows us to properly manage our workflow. It also allows us to control the release of the full use rights of your images. First, having clear approval of all of the photos in your project lets us know that the quality of images that we have provided meets your standards thereby fulfilling Zone Ten Studio's contract for service. This process also makes clear to us if there are changes to be made to any photos; we will see your notes in your order summary and what photos were not added to your cart or downloaded, this will. Since having access to the smaller images is available only as a "download all" option, meaning there is no choice for individual downloading of an image, we need to manage our copyright to your images until the entire project is complete and you end up with useful photos at which point we can release the full rights usage copyright to you.

How do I let you know what changes to make to my unapproved photos?

There are a couple of ways you can let us know about changes, and to which photos, you would like made. You can call or email us with notes. This would be the method to use if there are no photos that you approve. If you have some photos from your project that you approve but need changes to others you can complete the checkout process with those approved photos (so that you can have access to them for downloading) then make make note of your desired changes using the provided link above the "Next" button at the bottom of the first checkout page.

Why do I have to go through check out if there is no balance due?

Even though there is no charge (or payment info entered), our final check out screen is where you will find access to download your selected photos. Clicking all the way through our check out process is also your final approval of the work that we've done for you. This system allows us to verify account activity so that we know our work on your project is complete or if changes need to be made. The final check out screen is where you may leave notes about changes you would like made to any unapproved photos. This "purchase" of your downloads stores that order in your account home. Thus allowing you to easily revisit your project for easy downloading without having to go through the entire viewing/approval/checkout process.

How do I download my photos?

After you have approved your photos by adding images to your shopping cart you'll be prompted to click through checkout where you will end up at the order summary page; here you will find a download link for each individual image in the itemized list. You will also find a "download all" link where our website will download all images on that page as a single zip file that you will open on your local computer. Also, once you've arrived at the order summary page an email will be sent to you with a convenient direct link to your order, allowing you to download your images at your leisure. Access to your image gallery and downloading capability expires after 30 calendar days of gallery creation. You will receive reminder emails of your gallery expiration. If you need more time let us know and we're happy to accommodate.

Why does access to my downloads expire after 30 days?

We set 30 calendar days as a default expiration date for all image galleries. This keeps our work flow less cluttered and allows us to manage our server space as needed. Once you download your images to your local computer, they are yours to keep and use as needed. This 30 day window where your photos sit on our server is your time to view, approve and download your images. Once your images have been approved, added to your shopping cart and you've clicked through check out, your order will be stored in your account for easy access to downloading at your leisure. This access also expires after 30 calendar days. You will receive reminder emails about your gallery expiring. If you need more time let us know and we're happy to accommodate.

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